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"Contact deratitis" - What on earth is that?

Written by Megan Kinder [email protected]

Contact Deratitis - a misspelling on Amazon!

The reason so many people search for contact deratitis is because it is spelled wrong on Amazon

"Evaluation of Contact Deratitis Among Ink Ribbon Manufacturing Employees- New York"

In May 2007, NIOSH received a management request for an HHE to look at dermatitis in production employees. In August 2007, we toured the plant, interviewed employees, and examined their skin for irritation. We took air samples for volatile organic compounds, reviewed MSDSs and medical records, and tested workplace substances to see if they could cause skin allergy. Our evaluation found that airborne solvent exposures were low; however, production employees had the potential for skin contact with chemicals. The predominant location of dermatitis in employees was the hands and fingers, suggesting that the most likely cause of dermatitis was direct skin exposure to chemicals. Some ingredients in workplace inks, hand wipes, and hand cleaners were known sensitizers or were found to be sensitizers by our testing.


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