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Hives (Urticaria) Information

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  • Can come and go, lasting minutes, hours, days, several weeks, months or even years
  • Two types:
  1. Acute: hives that last six weeks or less
  2. Chronic: hives that last or recur for more than six weeks


Acute: hives resolve when the cause is avoided, removed or treated.

  • Food and additives (peanuts, eggs, nuts, and shellfish)

  • Medications such as aspirin and antibiotics (especially penicillin and sulfa)
  • Insect stings or bites
  • Blood transfusions
  • Infections including the common cold, urinary tract infections, strep throat, infectious mononucleosis and hepatitis, or other viral infections

Chronic: gradually disappear over time. However, may be associated with: 

  • Inflammation of blood vessels
  • Rubbing or sctraching
  • Constant pressure
  • Change in temperature
  • Sun exposure


  • Improve with antihistamines
  • Foods: not eating foods that intially started the reaction. Make sure to read labels or ask ingreidents in meals.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and tight clothing
  • Loose-fitting clothing
  • Keep body warm if colder situations cause hives
  • Sun exposure: wear protective clothing and apply sun block
  • If a specific medication is causing the hives, stop taking it and notify your health care provider

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