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Foot Dermatitis Symtoms

Written by Megan Kinder, with information gathered from credible sources, research, and user submissions - mostly the American Academy of Dermatology. [email protected]

Foot Dermatitis Symtoms

  • Small, deep blisters can form on the feet, especially the soles, and can be a sign of foot dermatitis.
  • Intense burning or itching can be a foot dermatitis symtom.
  • Inflamed skin (reddish and hot to the touch) can be a sign of foot dermatitis.
  • Cracking and peeling skin can be a symtpm of foot dermatitis.
  • Affected areas may sweat excessively, and can be a sign of foot dermatitis.
  • Skin may become infected, causing oozing blisters and crusts.
  • Skin between the fingers can soften; skin may feel spongy -- this can be a sign of foot dermatitis.
  • Nail changes if dyshidrotic dermatitis persists for a long time. The toenails can develop ridges and pitting. The nails may thicken and discolor, and this is often a symptom of foot dermatitis.
  • Sometimes as the skin clears, the skin peels and a new crop of blisters appear, and can be a sign of foot dermatitis.
  • Extensive peeling and cracking in severe cases

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